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Q. I have an electric outlet  in Kitchen / Bath / Garage / Basement that dosen't work, what's wrong ?

A. You can plant flowers to your home that have the front entrance planting area and along the garage walk for those homes that have a side front entrance. Plantings also can be done along the back of your home and deck. These plantings cant interfere with the grass cutting abilities of the maintenance department. All beds that you plant must be maintained by you with no weeds or over grown plants

Q. I would like to add some flowers to the front and back of my home - What can I do ?

Exterior Plantings and Parking:

A. The upgraded appliances you may have, will need water filters that you must purchase. The video tab section will show you how. If you need help, just let us know.

Q. My refrigerator water filter needs replacement ?

Q. My Cabinet Doors & Drawers need adjustment, Can I do it ?

A.Yes, We can assist if you need help! We are to help. A Video Tab is also available to view on installation.

Q. Can you change my air filter for me ?

A. These should be changed every 60 days. We will provide them if requested but they can be purchased at home stores. Sized 16" x 20" - See Video Tab

Q. How often should I change my air filter ?

A. There are many things that can go wrong; here are a few items to check before calling for service.
    1. Make sure your air filter is clean. 
    2. If the filter is dirty, the coil may have frozen. Follow these steps
       A) Set the thermostat to off and set the fan to “On”. Let it run for several hours to defrost
       B) Install a new air filter
       C) Set the thermostat fan back to “Auto”.
       D) If this doesn’t work after the unit has been started and has run for an hour, call for service
   3. If there is nothing running at all, check to see if the circuit breaker has tripped in panel box.

Q. My Air Conditioning doesn't seem to be cooling - What should I do ?

Heating & Cooling:

A. These outlets are generally are controlled by a wall switch for use with a table or floor lamp.

Q. I have an electric outlet in every room that dosen't work, what's wrong ?

A. No,  We do not change light bulbs after you move in, but will assist you if you need help because of a fear of  heights.

Q. I have a burnt out light bulb can you change it ?

A.Yes, The units are battery back up only and may need changing if you hear a slight beep. Only use new Duracell 9 volt batteries.Cheaper batteries do not last. If you need assistance with the replacement and have a fear of heights, please let us know. We are here to help! Safety First.

Q. Can I replace the battery in our smoke detectors ?

A. No,  Your home has a dusk to dawn switch for these lights for the illumination of the homes at night for security and safety. It is a good idea to leave the wall mounted garage lights on also. These lights also have a dusk to dawn sensors and light up the house number for home identification by EMS providers and visiting guests. All exterior lights are LED and use about 15 watts each. 

Q. Can I control when my exterior lights above garage to come on or off ?

Electrical Questions:

A. No,  Your home will lose the automatic FIRE PROTECTION if water is turned off.

​ Q.  Can I turn the water off to my home while away for vacation ?

A. There are water shutoff valves under each plumbing fixture. Turn them clockwise to shut off the flow.

Q. How do I turn the water off to my toilet or sinks?

A. If it is humming, something is jammed and needs to be cleared. If it does nothing, there is a small reset button on the bottom or side that may have tripped. Push it in to reset it.

Q. My garbage disposal has stopped working. What can I check ?

A.Yes, We have completed adjustments to your home at move in. Future adjustments with use and season temperature changes will make future adjustments necessary with wood cabinets. See Video Tab

A. Yes, We have some touch up paint under your basement stairs. We have completed your homes move in touch up and left paint for your needs in the future.

Q. Can I have some touch up paint ?

Plumbing Questions:

General Questions:

Q. I see bugs in my house. Can you spray for me?

A. Your rental agreement states that we do not provide pest control services. Spray "Home Defense by Ortho" is a good product for most home insects.

Q. What are considered After Hour Emergencies


  •  Fire (Leave Unit, Call 911 first, then our emergency line)
  •  Smoke inside unit (Leave Unit, Call 911 first, then our emergency line)
  •  Smelling gas inside unit (Leave Unit, Call gas company, then our emergency line)
  •  Burst pipe or any water leaks (turn off water to the home, via your main water shut-off valve, then call our emergency line)
  •  Sewage back-up (Stop all water use, then call our emergency line)
  •  No heat, and outside temperature is ≤ 55° (Call our emergency line)
  •  No A/C,  and outside temperature is ≥ 90° (Call our emergency line)

A. You can have your guest park along the road in the stone shoulder.Please do not park on the grass. Please be sure that they do not block the road for other people or emergency vehicles.

​​Q. I will be having a party and will need additional parking ?

A. check around sinks in kitchens and baths to see if any tripped GFI (Ground Fault Interrupt) outlets may be the cause of the problem. Pressing the reset button on these outlets will often restore power to that outlet and those around it.